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"Great Place!! I love coming up here. Thank you!"
Nov 08, 2019
"After having surgery on my left knee, I had pain for two weeks but after Dr. Jafri showed me some key exercises, there has been a major improvement and I'm doing much better than before surgery thanks to Dr. Jafri. Without a doubt, he's helped so much and I recommend him for anyone who needs a PT. Thank you so much!"
May 05, 2019
"Love STLpain, can’t believe the difference in my body since I being going to rehab.Thanks Dr Jafri for an amazing job. "
Apr 24, 2018


When I came to Dr. Jafri I was experiencing pain in my right wrist + right hip.

After being shown how to do certain key exercises for each condition my hip + wrist has improved tremendously.

Dr. Jafri has shown me how to maintain a healthy physical body without drugs or medications. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. It works!!!

-S. Shareef

There is No question that if I had not had therapy, I would not be able to stand up and walk as well as I do now.

I can go down steps a lot better than before.

I would recommend really recommend anyone to seek therapy from Dr. Jafri.

-D. Rose

I was in a terrible car accident in March 2017 and my car was totaled. I was hit on the driver’s side. A few months after the accident, I started experiencing excruciating pain on the left side of my body from head to toe. In the mornings I had difficulty getting out of bed because of pain and I was experiencing headaches (Left Side).

I spoke to Dr. Jafri one afternoon several months after the accident and told him about the intolerable pain I was experiencing. I told him I was in a bad accident and my car was hit on the driver’s side. I showed him the picture of my car. Dr. Jafri immediately described my symptoms, pain and discomfort. He asked me if I had headaches and I told him yes, I thought the headaches were attributed to sinus problem. He scheduled treatment & therapy that day.

After only a few treatments in his office in late October 2017 and an exercise program created by Dr. Jafri, I started experiencing great relief! Dr. Jafri recommended that I do exercises 3 times a day. Also, the Dry Needling technique is wonderful! I felt relief instantly from dry needling. Soon after the treatment I was able to go on a cruise in early November with little discomfort. I had endured the pain for months, but those few treatments changed my life!

I have continued exercise program designed by Dr. Jafri and I feel better. I don’t have any pain in the mornings when I get out of the bed. I know it is going to take some time for full recovery, but just a few treatments in October and with a designed exercise plan I can truly say that I feel better. I have a very little discomfort on the left side of my body now. The treatment program really works!!! I appreciate Dr. Jafri, he is a miracle worker!

-T. Long

Before coming to STL Pain and PT Center I suffered from knee joint pain for years. Sitting for more than thirty minutes & running were two activities that I couldn’t do pain free. After a consultation & only six sessions of PT with Dr. Hassan, I can now sit through multi hour meetings & run without any pain in my knees. I highly recommend STL Pain and PT Center to anyone experiencing joint pain.

-H. Fullerton

Since my injury I had trouble lifting opening things, even doing household duties. Since coming to the Pain and Physical Therapy Center my range of motion and strengthening has got better. I notice the change and I’m so thankful. I would recommend anyone to come here and get treated!!

-K. Vail

It was a great experience working with Dr. Jafri and Jenna. They are so sweet. When I came in I was having extreme back pain and have no more back pain after treatment and exercises given to me. I would totally recommend Dr. Jafri to anyone in pain.

-T. Blessing

Well when I first came to this office I was having severe neck pain, spine pain, and hip pain. The pain was about an 8. I started feeling better with the therapies and the Kinesio Tape. About the 6th treatment I was feeling so much better and the pain was down to a 5!! Dr. Jafri and Jenna were very nice and listened to me about the pain I was having. I would recommend his services to ANYONE that I know because he is very good at what he does and with how he treats his patients.

-J. Hamil

Working with Dr. Jafri was a pleasure. I received competent professional care and excellent service. Over the duration of my healing process I learned quickly how to exercise effectively which lead to a strong recovery. I would highly recommend you to future patients. Now that I have successfully completed therapy I can walk up and down stairs and long distances and can return to a normal exercise routine and regular activities.

-C. Harris

My experience with Dr. Hassan has been Amazing. When I first came in, I was not able to move my leg due to surgery and walking was so painful. After completing rehabilitation I am able to walk up and down steps, sit Without pain in my knee + I have Full Range of Motion. Very nice atmosphere and very kind Dr.


I came with severe pain in lower back, I was not able to sit for more than 15 min. After the exercises I've done by the PT and the techniques he did, I was able to have normal range of motion much quicker than I thought. I enjoyed the hospitality and professionalism. Everytime I come it gets better and better. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone.

-I. Zidan

My first encounter with "STL Pain and Therapy Center" was March 2014, after being discharged from a Rehab hospital for a broken hip/femur. Dr. Jafri personally came to my house for therapy sessions with follow up visits in his office. The therapy was most beneficial and helped me to regain functions and mobility. I recently had a follow up session in the office to regain additional function and this was most helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Jafri.

-P. Brown

I am so glad I chose the STL Pain and Physical Therapy center for treatment. I was having trouble with my back and pain in my neck. Before I came here my pain was a 10 but after going to the PT, my pain had gone away with treatment and exercises. The doctor is very nice and understanding and take their time with you. I feel so much better. I would recommend to friends and family. Thank you!

-T. Thomas

I feel a whole lot better& I am very glad. The severe pain that I had prior to attending treatment is Gone. My walking/ balance is absolutely better. Even so that I sometime forget to use my cane. I wasn't able to walk, my balance was bad & had constant fear of falling. I am Thankful to Dr. Jafri. Absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs help.

-G. Bagby

Before I started working with Dr. Jafri I had problems with breathing , getting shortness of breath, walking, back pain, so much so that I wasn’t walking much at all. 
I have been doing soo much better since I have worked with Dr. Jafri. I am walking inside my building, breathing better & don’t get short of breath, don’t feel off balance & my pain is minimal to none. 
I have never done this much progress with anyone before. Dr. Jafri has been an amazing help to me & I wish he can work with me forever. I believe we all seniors need this good therapy that Dr. Jafri provides to be independent. I would Highly recommend his services to everyone as I have been doing. Thank you!

-B. Mosby

My lord what a difference. When I first came everything hurt i.e. arms, hands, fingers, knees. I've dealing with all these ailments for many years. I've been to therapy many times all over MO. I have not ran since early 2000! On this past Tue I ran for 5 minutes straight! The treatment and technique was simple, pin pointed and highly successful. I thank God for leading me to the right doctor and therapist. Just over 6 years I was told I would never run again. Glory to God! The process was long and painful, but I am over the moon and looking forward to continued growth and improvement. Thank you Dr. Hassan Jafri!

-S. Anthony

Before I started rehab with Dr. Jafri, I could hardly walk, do any exercise, household chores, helping myself with common activities and helping others (which I love to do). Treatment from Dr. Jafri has been Amazing! After getting treatment I am now able to walk without anything (I don’t even need my cane) I can stand better. I am now helping other people in the building & I am so glad. I would highly recommend Dr. Jafri and his treatment to my family and friends.

-J. Payne