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STL Pain & Physical Therapy Center Reviews
  • When I came to Dr. Jafri I was experiencing pain in my right wrist + right hip. After being shown how to do certain key exercises for each condition my hip + wrist has improved tremendously. Dr. Jafri has shown me how to maintain a healthy physical body without drugs or medications. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. It works!!!
    S. Shabazz
  • There is No question that if I had not had therapy, I would not be able to stand up and walk as well as I do now. I can go down steps a lot better than before. I would recommend really recommend anyone to seek therapy from Dr. Jafri.
    D. Rose
  • I don’t have any pain in the mornings when I get out of the bed. I know it is going to take some time for full recovery, but just a few treatments in October and with a designed exercise plan I can truly say that I feel better. I have a very little discomfort on the left side of my body now. The treatment program really works!!! I appreciate Dr. Jafri, he is a miracle worker!
    T. Long
  • Before coming to STL Pain and PT Center I suffered from knee joint pain for years. Sitting for more than thirty minutes & running were two activities that I couldn’t do pain free. After a consultation & only six sessions of PT with Dr. Hassan, I can now sit through multi hour meetings & run without any pain in my knees. I highly recommend STL Pain and PT Center to anyone experiencing joint pain.
    H. Fullerton
  • Since my injury I had trouble lifting opening things, even doing household duties. Since coming to the Pain and Physical Therapy Center my range of motion and strengthening has got better. I notice the change and I’m so thankful. I would recommend anyone to come here and get treated!!
    K. Vail
  • It was a great experience working with Dr. Jafri and Jenna. They are so sweet. When I came in I was having extreme back pain and have no more back pain after treatment and exercises given to me. I would totally recommend Dr. Jafri to anyone in pain
  • Well when I first came to this office I was having severe neck pain, spine pain, and hip pain. The pain was about an 8. I started feeling better with the therapies and the Kinesio Tape. About the 6th treatment I was feeling so much better and the pain was down to a 5!! Dr. Jafri and Jenna were very nice and listened to me about the pain I was having. I would recommend his services to ANYONE that I know because he is very good at what he does and with how he treats his patients.
    J. Hamilton
  • Working with Dr. Jafri was a pleasure. I received competent professional care and excellent service. Over the duration of my healing process I learned quickly how to exercise effectively which lead to a strong recovery. I would highly recommend you to future patients. Now that I have successfully completed therapy I can walk up and down stairs and long distances and can return to a normal exercise routine and regular activities.
    C. Harris
  • My experience with Dr. Hassan has been Amazing. When I first came in, I was not able to move my leg due to surgery and walking was so painful. After completing rehabilitation I am able to walk up and down steps, sit Without pain in my knee + I have Full Range of Motion. Very nice atmosphere and very kind Dr.
    Thanks A lot!!!
  • I came with severe pain in lower back, I was not able to sit for more than 15 min. After the exercises I've done by the PT and the techniques he did, I was able to have normal range of motion much quicker than I thought. I enjoyed the hospitality and professionalism. Everytime I come it gets better and better. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone.
    I. Zidan
  • My first encounter with "STL Pain and Therapy Center" was March 2014, after being discharged from a Rehab hospital for a broken hip/femur. Dr. Jafri personally came to my house for therapy sessions with follow up visits in his office. The therapy was most beneficial and helped me to regain functions and mobility. I recently had a follow up session in the office to regain additional function and this was most helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Jafri.
    P. Brown
  • I am so glad I chose the STL Pain and Physical Therapy center for treatment. I was having trouble with my back and pain in my neck. Before I came here my pain was a 10 but after going to the PT, my pain had gone away with treatment and exercises. The doctor is very nice and understanding and take their time with you. I feel so much better. I would recommend to friends and family. Thank you!
    T. Thomas
  • I feel a whole lot better& I am very glad. The severe pain that I had prior to attending treatment is Gone. My walking/ balance is absolutely better. Even so that I sometime forget to use my cane. I wasn't able to walk, my balance was bad & had constant fear of falling. I am Thankful to Dr. Jafri. Absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs help.
    G. Bagby
  • My lord what a difference. When I first came everything hurt i.e. arms, hands, fingers, knees. I`ve dealing with all these ailments for many years. I`ve been to therapy many times all over MO. I have not ran since early 2000! On this past Tue I ran for 5 minutes straight! The treatment and technique was simple, pin pointed and highly successful. Just over 6 years I was told I would never run again. Glory to God! I am over the moon and looking forward to continued growth and improvement. Thank you Dr. Hassan Jafri!
    S. Anthony
  • Before I started rehab with Dr. Jafri, I could hardly walk, do any exercise, household chores, helping myself with common activities and helping others (which I love to do). Treatment from Dr. Jafri has been Amazing! After getting treatment I am now able to walk without anything (I don’t even need my cane) I can stand better. I am now helping other people in the building & I am so glad. I would highly recommend Dr. Jafri and his treatment to my family and friends.
    J. Payne

Welcome to STL Pain & Physical Therapy Center in Bridgeton, MO

STL Pain & Physical Therapy Center is the premier rehabilitation center of St. Louis. It is STL Pain & Physical Therapy Center’s mission to provide Compassionate & Exceptional Physical therapy services to our motivated patients with orthopedic, spine, geriatric, pediatric and sports related injuries. Our commitment to exceptional service allows us to deliver highly successful, evidence-based and state of the art rehabilitation programs which are utilized by professional NBA, NFL, NHL teams. Our reputation of excellence stands year after year as satisfied patients recommend STL Pain & Physical Therapy Center to their family and friends. Our approach is simple and straight forward.
  • Thorough Patient Education
  • Function-Based Treatment Plans
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Effective Customized Home Exercise Programs
  • Ongoing Communication with Patients and Referral Source
Top 10 Reasons To Choose STL Pain & Physical Therapy Center
1) Individualized One-On-One Care

At St. Louis Pain & Physical Therapy Center, we pride ourselves in getting to know each individual patient and working with him or her to come up with a uniquely individualized treatment plan to suit his or her needs.

2) You Spend Less Money

While we believe Physical Therapy is essential to your recovery along with the medical therapy, we don't want it to be a burdensome cost to you or your insurance. We want you to get better, stay better, and improve on your own.

3) Professional, Compassionate Care

As a patient, you can always anticipate courteous and professional treatment from the minute you walk into our front door.

4) Flexible And Same Day Scheduling

We understand schedules change and things arise in our busy lives. If you need to reschedule, simply let our office know 24 hours before your appointment.

If you are in severe pain or recently had surgery, we make it a priority to get you an appointment. The greater the need, the greater the priority.

5) Innovative Therapies

We are excited to offer the latest technologies to treat common pain syndromes. Our techniques are the most up-to-date available today for faster healing and pain relief.

6) Team-Based Care

We will be in direct communication with your physician and other members of your healthcare team to ensure a well-rounded plan of care.

7) No Side Effects!

Unlike many medications, our amazing treatment strategies have no side effects.period. Our hands-on approach works wonders for our clients. We utilize various FDA approved equipment such as Light force Laser for effective pain relief treatments.

8) Exceptional Care

None of our treatment approaches is “cookie-cutter.” We do whatever it takes to find solutions for your particular needs.

9) No Wait

We believe your time is valuable. If you follow our instructions, arrive early, and have all your documentation ready, we promise no wait.

10) Fast And Easy Paperwork

Paperwork can be quite a pain when seeing your doctor. We make our paperwork easy to understand and fill out.

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